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  • Cynthia H.
  • Diane A.
  • Venta C. 
  • Carol W. 
  • Donald R.  
  • Dorothy B. 
  • Jodi W. 
  • Richard R. Family
  • KENNY D.
  • SARAH D.
  • SUSAN V. 
  • SHERI K-P / Pickerington, Ohio
  • MICHAEL M. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • ROBERT P. / Pataskala, Ohio
  • IMOGENE W. / Pataskala, Ohio
  • ESTELLA C. / Groverport, Ohio
  • JODY N. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • CAROL N. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • BARBARA G. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • PATRICIA L. / Logan, Ohio
  • CAROLYN M. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • NORA E.  / Columbus, Ohio
  • ELNORA B. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • LINDA R.  / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • PATRICIA M. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • BRUCE R. / Pickerington, Ohio

“During this time of fear, isolation and worry, the Staff of Echo Manor have gone above and beyond to ensure that we as residents are living our best life right now.

Being cut off from friends and family is heart breaking but our STNAs are there for us with a smile – or just an ear to listen. They keep our rooms and our clothes clean and also talk to us and help us feel in touch with the world out there.

Our nurses are here with our vital medicines, applying creams and powders, making sure we are well and in good spirits. Everyone on the nursing staff are the epitome of compassion and kindness.

The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy staff are so encouraging as they skillfully challenge us. The work they do is serious and important, but they make it fun.

The Activities staff keep us engaged. In this time of social distancing and quarantine, this is an invaluable service. They provide for us amusement and a sense of community. They encourage us to be creative.  They facilitate connection with family for less technically gifted residents by assisting video chats.

Maintenance keeps the building up and also steps in to provide assistance when needed – delivering lunch trays, filling ice pitchers.  The kitchen staff work hard delivering three meals a day, seven days a week on time. The Administrative staff are hard-working and this shows in the day-to-day functioning of a facility serving a diverse population of varying degrees of physical and mental ability.

And then there is the Administrator. He sings beautifully and listens to complaints and always has a calm demeanor. He implemented a plan that has kept us safe from a virus that almost certainly would kill us. He sacrificed a fine beard in order to wear a protective mask.

I do not know how long my stay at Echo Manor will be, but I am sure I will be happy as long as I am here.”  – Cynthia H.

“I was admitted to Echo Manor for physical therapy after a total knee replacement. I am grateful to the whole staff for the wonderful care I received. Everyone who works here went out of their way to ensure my stay was pleasant.

I will miss everyone I have had contact with during my stay.

If 5 Stars is the highest rating – I give them 5 Stars 100 times over.”  – Diane A.

“One day you will find yourself in a place that gives you the friendship and comfort you need after surgery. Echo Manor is a place that works with you to restore your movement and strength.

My first stay here was a year ago following left shoulder surgery. Its back to being being useful and normal three months now I am seeing again since my shoulder was operated on. My shoulder is so much stronger and continues to be so. My surgeon was genuinely happy to see my range of motion that I gained all this through my therapy.

The physical and occupational therapists are so friendly. As my current goals are reached, more goals are made for continued improvement. Using both of my arms are such blessing now. I went home with encouragement and a continuing exercise program.

I just had hip surgery and came back to Echo Manor. There is no place I’d rather be for rehab and care.”  – Venta C.

“After a series of falls, our family found ourselves needing to have my mother placed in a rehabilitation facility due to a broken vertebrae and a torn rotator cuff. As you can imagine, our first time in this situation, our family was worried about making the right choice for my mother’s care.

The entire Echo Manor staff went above and beyond our concerns and questions and made the check-in process as smooth as possible. After her initial evaluations, the therapy teams and nursing staff created a treatment and rehab plan that was catered to my mom’s specific needs.  They developed targeted goals to help her gain strength, both physically and mentally, and to help her return safely home.

The aids, cleaning staff, dietary team, nursing staff and therapy teams all treated her like one of their own and as a family we could not thank them enough for everything they have done for us.  They took what was a scary situation and transformed it into a positive experience overall.”  – Carol W. 

“I enjoyed my rehab and therapy. The whole staff was very friendly and personable.”– Donald R. 

“Everything has been wonderful! The staff has gone above and beyond in all capacities to make me feel safe, cared for and loved. Thank you for the excellent and caring support during this difficult time.” – Dorothy B.

“I have stayed at Echo Manor for rehab several times over the last four years — as has my husband and father-in-law. The facility is beyond reproach. The skill sets they provide you with help you return to your normal way of life.

The people are exceptional, with prompt responses to all of your needs, including call lights. I have always been treated with respect my entire stay. There are several rehab centers from which I can choose, but my family and I are repeat Echo Manor patients, and I honestly don’t think I would get better service anywhere.

I just want to thank all at Echo Manor.  They are very caring and make recuperation very tolerable.” – Jodi W.

“We would just like to take a moment to thank all the staff at Echo Manor for the care that our loved one, Richard R., received. I am the Admissions Director at Summit’s Trace, but my in-laws live in Pickerington, so it was more convenient for him to be at Echo Manor. I do this work every day, but it is different when you are on the other side of things.

The staff at Echo went out of their way to get him admitted there. Starting on the first evening he was there, they made sure my mother-in-law had a tray to eat with him. My in-laws were celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary while he was there and the center arranged a party for them.  All the therapy staff did everything they could for him. Everyone made sure our concerns were addressed. When we decided it was time to take him home, they made the process very easy. We can never thank them enough for all they did for us.” – Richard R. Family 

“This being my second knee replacement, I opted to rehabilitate at an extended care facility.  Having gained weight and aged a bit since the first surgery,  I knew that this time would be much more difficult since I was already in aquatic therapy for an injury to my leg/knee, neck, back and shoulder.

I chose Echo Manor because it was relatively close to home and had received multiple reviews of high praise on the Internet.

After three days of recovery in the hospital, I was transported to Echo Manor in the evening, where I was met with kindness and a warm reception as they set me up in my room.  That first evening I received excellent care from the nursing team who helped me transition and acclimate to my new home in no time.

My goals have been to return to full functionality while learning to maintain my normal daily activities around the house and at work. Between the nursing team and physical therapists, each day made my journey easier and more comfortable. Everyone treated me, my family, and visitors with exemplary care and professionalism. I’ve had some minor physical setbacks due to unforeseen circumstances, but thankfully the team was both knowledgeable and experienced enough to treat and advise accordingly and timely.

I would gladly recommend Echo Manor to anyone needing continuous and/or  extended care, and I am extremely thankful for the loving and attentive treatment I received throughout the visit.

I would try to name some “standout’ performers, but I think would end up naming every charismatic associate I encountered along the way.” – KENNY D. 

“I feel the staff here at Echo Manor has treated me very good and that I have received good care.  The therapy department has supported me in my goals. I think the facility is clean and, if I had to, I would come back because of the care that I have received.”– Sarah D. 

“I feel that I have received good care here at Echo Manor. I really enjoy the food and the staff has taken good care of me. I think the building is clean and I love to look out my window at all of the scenery here.”– Margaret D. 

“My stay here at Echo Manor was truly amazing. It’s a hospitable environment with friendly staff who care. The rooms are cleaned every morning ritualistically. The entire facility is sanitized and tidy. The director of nursing is compassionate, caring and personable. The nurses aides greet you with a smile – plus they accommodate you in a timely manner. I’d say I had a 5-star experience.” – MICHAEL D.

“When I started therapy my right leg would not move; my left leg would move some. And with the therapy that I got, now I can move both legs.  Also I’m able to get in and out of the bed. I am very grateful for all the help that I got.”  – THELMA M. 

“I can honestly say I have nothing to compare my stay at Echo Manor with! But I would truly give it 2 thumbs up!  Everyone was caring and kind. I love everyone.  The physical therapy crew really knows their stuff!  When I left, I felt I was ready to go home and be OK! I appreciate everything they did for me.”  – DEBORAH C. 

“I stayed at Echo Manor to recover from surgery. I was surprised to find out it was a teaching facility. Not only do you get the regular staff, but you are also taken care of by nursing students and their instructor. Everyone is very nice including Administration, nurses, physical and occupational therapists and cleaning staff.”  – SUSAN V.

“Although my stay was short, I was very appreciaitive of the good job everyone did in making me feel comfortable and cared for. The therapy department was especially helpful in my speedy recovery. Thanks to the entire staff.”  – SHERI K-P 

“Although my stay was short, I was very appreciative of the good job everyone did in making me feel comfortable and cared for. The therapy department was especially helpful in my speedy recovery. Thanks to the entire staff.”  – SHERI K-P 

“I have been a short term resident here at Echo Manor. Everyone has been so nice here. I found out that one of the nurses, Amanda, was in my wife’s Sunday school class as a child. So it was nice to see a familiar face. Occupational therapy and physical therapy have been great! ”  – MICHAEL M. 

“I like the fact that the building is so clean. The food is good. The nurses and aides were very efficient and extremely nice. Therapy was great as well. They have brought me back to being able to care for myself and return home. I would recommend Echo Manor to anyone that needs care like I did.”  – IMOGENE W.

“I have liked my stay very much here at Echo Manor. The nursing staff is so nice! The therapy department is wonderful and got me back up and going. I have been spoiled while being here and will have to get used to being at home again after my stay. I will miss everyone so much, but I am truly blessed they were here when I needed someone the most!”  – ESTELLA C.

“Everyone here at Echo Manor has treated me like family. I don’t want to leave here. Their care is wonderful and the nurses really show me love. The therapy department is fantastic. They have helped me work on what I need to to get better and go home. They have made my family feel welcome and comfortable here. I feel like I’ve been in a hotel.”  – JODY N.

“I really like the whole facility. Therapy here is just wonderful. I have grown attached to all the nurses and nurse aides. They have helped me with all of my daily needs, showing care and compassion always”  – CAROL N.

“Everybody here is so kind and sweet. They are all so good to me. I love the layout of the facility as well as how beautiful my room and the therapy room are. Echo Manor was recommended to me by a neighbor who had been here and I would now recommend it to anyone else looking for therapy services.”  – BARBARA G.

Patricia L“I have worked at Echo Manor for almost 15 years as a nursing assistant. When my mother needed a place to go for therapy services, I knew right where to bring her. I feel comfort in knowing the great services that she gets here as well as the care. Echo Manor is our home away from home.” – PATRICIA L. 

Carolyn M“First, I would like to say, that I love my private room, walk-in shower and the great view out my window. Second, the wonderful staff is always there to offer help with all of my needs, while being courteous. I am happy to go home, but will miss everyone here. If I need a rehabilitation and healthcare center again in the future, I will be back. I give Echo Manor a 10 for outstanding service and care. ” – CAROLYN M. 

Nora E“Everybody at Echo Manor is friendly, supportive and shows a lot of respect. Staff is motivational and concerned that I am getting better. It is a good feeling knowing you have someone here that cares. From housekeeping to administration, everyone always says hi and is nice and professional.” – NORA E. 

“I love therapy here at Echo Manor! They have helped me so much and continue to help me in so many ways. I also love one of the aides that works my unit; she is amazing. She helps me with all my needs since I have trouble seeing. I have come to Echo Manor for services several times in the past and would recommend to others looking for therapy services.”   – ELNORA B. 

“I like Echo Manor facility. Physical and occupational therapy staff always listen and are very empathetic. The nursing and aide staff are also amazing, because they are so responsive to my needs.”   – LINDA R.

“I really enjoy the therapy services here at Echo Manor. I think that the building is clean and inviting. My dayshift nurses and aides are wonderful. Overall I would recommend Echo Manor to anyone.”   –  PATRICIA M.

“Excellent facility, I would recommend any one here! Nursing staff has been wonderful to me.”  –  BRUCE R.