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Nora E

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  • JODY N. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • CAROL N. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • BARBARA G. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • PATRICIA L. / Logan, Ohio
  • CAROLYN M. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • NORA E.  / Columbus, Ohio
  • MARLENE S. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • TERRY R. / Buckeye Lake, Ohio
  • JANE L. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • JULIA M. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • SHARON B. / Columbus, Ohio
  • GERALDINE C. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • CHARLOTTE C. / Columbus, Ohio
  • DEBORAH H. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • PATRICE K. / Columbus, Ohio
  • ELNORA B. / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • LINDA R.  / Reynoldsburg, Ohio
  • PATRICIA M. / Pickerington, Ohio
  • BRUCE R. / Pickerington, Ohio

“Everyone here at Echo Manor has treated me like family. I don’t want to leave here. Their care is wonderful and the nurses really show me love. The therapy department is fantastic. They have helped me work on what I need to to get better and go home. They have made my family feel welcome and comfortable here. I feel like I’ve been in a hotel.”  – JODY N.

“I really like the whole facility. Therapy here is just wonderful. I have grown attached to all the nurses and nurse aides. They have helped me with all of my daily needs, showing care and compassion always”  – CAROL N.

“Everybody here is so kind and sweet. They are all so good to me. I love the layout of the facility as well as how beautiful my room and the therapy room are. Echo Manor was recommended to me by a neighbor who had been here and I would now recommend it to anyone else looking for therapy services.”  – BARBARA G.

Patricia L“I have worked at Echo Manor for almost 15 years as a nursing assistant. When my mother needed a place to go for therapy services, I knew right where to bring her. I feel comfort in knowing the great services that she gets here as well as the care. Echo Manor is our home away from home.” – PATRICIA L. 

Carolyn M“First, I would like to say, that I love my private room, walk-in shower and the great view out my window. Second, the wonderful staff is always there to offer help with all of my needs, while being courteous. I am happy to go home, but will miss everyone here. If I need a rehabilitation and healthcare center again in the future, I will be back. I give Echo Manor a 10 for outstanding service and care. ” – CAROLYN M. 

Nora E“Everybody at Echo Manor is friendly, supportive and shows a lot of respect. Staff is motivational and concerned that I am getting better. It is a good feeling knowing you have someone here that cares. From housekeeping to administration, everyone always says hi and is nice and professional.” – NORA E. 

Mariene S“During my stay at Echo Manor I found the therapists to be knowledgeable, friendly and up to date on skills and procedures. Therapy seems to work well with all Echo Manor staff and patients. They know the patients very well. All my contacts at the facility seemed concerned with my level of pain, my ability to continue with my treatment plan at my own pace and to get me back into my own home, with my own family and back to my own life.” – MARLENE S. 

Terry R“I have been at Echo Manor on and off for the past four years. I really couldn’t ask for better care than what I have received from the nursing staff. The aides and nurses are just wonderful. I was told I would never walk again and I am now up and walking thanks to the amazing therapy staff here. This facility has gone above and beyond exceeding all my expectations. There is also a great administrative staff that is hands-on and listens to any request, making sure I get a timely follow-up. I love Echo Manor facility and consider it my home away from home.”– TERRY R.  

“I just love Echo Manor facility! This facility is always neat and clean. All of the staff are very caring towards my needs and they always make me laugh. The therapy deaprtment pushes me hard, but I love all of them and they do a great job. This is my second stay here at Echo Manor and I would come again for a third!” – JANE L. 

“This is my third time here at Echo Manor. I really enjoy the therapy services. The therapy staff is always cheerful. They work you out hard, which is what I like so I can get back home. The nursing staff is also very helpful. I would recommend Echo Manor for others looking for a place to receive therapy services.” – JULIA M. 

“Since first coming to Echo Manor I noticed right away how clean and nice the rooms are. There is one nursing assistant in particular that I really like. She is always prompt and willing to help me. I have never been made to feel like I am a burden here or that my needs could not be met. My experience here has been good.” – SHARON B. 

Geraldine C“I like the therapy services very much! My physical therapist was just as great as could be. The food is also very good. In the beginning they catered to my special diet as I could not eat certain foods. I would recommend Echo Manor to anyone looking for rehabilitation and therapy services!” – GERALDINE C. 

“Since being at the facility, I have noticed everyone is attentive, the building is clean, and best of all, therapy is wonderful! They have taken care of all my issues regarding my weakness and walking. I am now strong enough to go home thanks to the great staff at Echo Manor.”  – CHARLOTTE C. 

“This is my second time at Echo Manor and I absolutely love it here. Occupational and physical therapy services have helped me tremendously. The nursing staff is friendly, helpful and have been very good to me. I would recommend Echo Manor to anyone and would come again for a third stay if I needed to in the future.”  – DEBORAH  H.

“Since coming to Echo Manor my mobility has improved. I am able to stand independently now, which I couldn’t do before. I really enjoy the therapy services here and would recommend to anyone. The facility is always nice and clean. I am so happy to be back to myself and I am very grateful for the help I have gotten here.” – PATRICE K. 

“I love therapy here at Echo Manor! They have helped me so much and continue to help me in so many ways. I also love one of the aides that works my unit; she is amazing. She helps me with all my needs since I have trouble seeing. I have come to Echo Manor for services several times in the past and would recommend to others looking for therapy services.”   – ELNORA B. 

“I like Echo Manor facility. Physical and occupational therapy staff always listen and are very empathetic. The nursing and aide staff are also amazing, because they are so responsive to my needs.”   – LINDA R.

“I really enjoy the therapy services here at Echo Manor. I think that the building is clean and inviting. My dayshift nurses and aides are wonderful. Overall I would recommend Echo Manor to anyone.”   –  PATRICIA M.

“Excellent facility, I would recommend any one here! Nursing staff has been wonderful to me.”  –  BRUCE R.